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Migraines Post Traumatic and Tension Headache Treatment

Des Moines, Iowa—In 1996, the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR) was scheduled to produce a set of clinical practice guidelines on available treatment alternatives for headache in much the same way as the agency had previously done for its historic low-back pain Clinical Guidelines released late in 1994. This headache project was based on the systematic evaluation of the literature which existed at that time by a multidisciplinary panel of experts. Due to largely political circumstances, however, their efforts never came to fruition: their work was never released as a guideline but was instead transformed with modifications and budget cuts into a set of evidence reports on only migraine headache by the staff at the Center for Clinical Health Policy Research at Duke University

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In my experience I have found that the great majority of patients with headaches have trigger points in the upper neck, back and shoulders.

Elimination of these tender spots often rapidly and dramatically reduces or eliminates headaches.
There are many safe effective and natural treatments available.


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