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I am a patient of Dr. Perlmutter, and also a Type 2 diabetic. Dr. Perlmutter suspected that my diabetes was slowing down the recovery of my problems, so he suggested that I go on the FirstLine Therapy program. I was a little skeptic, but saw the truth to what he was telling me. For me to improve my well being, I needed to change my eating habits.
I have been on this program for four days, and I have already noticed that there is a difference. The frequency and severity of the pain that I usually experienced have decreased considerably. My morning blood sugar also fell to 128. This usually ranges from 150-180. I couldn't have been happier, since I have been trying to lower my morning blood sugar reading for the past nine months without success.
In all honesty, I had to get into a different mind set before starting the program. Dr. Perlmutter and Raye do take the time to answer all my questions. No question was treated as dumb. They are there for you. They are supportive, caring and encouraging. The wonderful sense of knowing that they are there will help me to stay on the FirstLine Therapy program.
Phyllis Lee



2118 Williamsbridge Rd. |  Bronx, NY 10461  |  Phone: (718) 823-3900